Port Lands Planning Framework

The Port Lands are an unparalleled redevelopment opportunity for the city. Located east of Toronto's downtown area between the Inner Harbour and Leslie Street and south of Lake Shore Boulevard, the Port Lands are approximately 325 hectares (800 acres) in area and were created through filling in of the Ashbridges Bay in the early 20th century as a new district to serve the city's growing industrial sector. Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto are jointly developing a high-level plan to establish a coordinated and comprehensive framework to guide investment and future revitalization of this area.

The purpose of developing a Port Lands Planning Framework is to lay out the steps required to achieve appropriate revitalization in the Port Lands, while recognizing that development within portions of the Port Lands may develop out over the long-term. It will provide the foundations for updating and refining, as appropriate, the vision in the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan for the Port Lands, and will establish the planning context for guiding development in this key redevelopment area of the city.

The Port Lands Planning Framework will knit together more detailed planning work that has occurred to date for the Port Lands. It will incorporate the work completed for revitalizing the Lower Don Lands and flood protecting the Port Lands endorsed by City Council in 2010, as revised through the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative in October 2012, and as per the completed Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Project and Lower Don Lands Infrastructure Master Plan Environmental Assessments. It will also incorporate outcomes of precinct planning that is underway for Villiers Island.

The development of the Planning Framework is being undertaken in five phases:

  • Phase 1 was the background phase. The Port Lands Profile document was prepared as part of this phase;
  • Phase 2 involved developing land use options and transportation and servicing alternatives for the Port Lands;
  • Phase 3 involved holding a two-day participatory design charrette to assist in informing an overall vision for the Port Lands;
  • Phase 4 included developing and presenting emerging directions to the public; and
  • Phase 5 includes the development of final recommendations and the preparation of the Port Lands Planning Framework document.

Key Map

Background Studies and Reports

Draft Official Plan Amendment and Related Materials

Port Lands Planning Framework Documents

Port Lands and South of Eastern Transportation and Servicing Master Plan

To inform the Port Lands Planning Framework, and South of Eastern Strategic Direction, the City of Toronto is also developing a Transportation and Servicing Master Plan for the Port Lands (excluding the Lower Don Lands) and South of Eastern areas under the Environmental Assessment Act to:

  • confirm the major streets required to support revitalization in the Port Lands;
  • identify required connections between the Port Lands and South of Eastern area;
  • identify the street connections required to support the employment function of the South of Eastern area;
  • confirm future transit rights-of-ways; and
  • identify servicing requirements to support development.

Port Lands and South of Eastern Transportation Servicing Master Plan Documents

Consulting with the Community

Public consultation is an important component of the development of the Planning Framework and the Transportation and Servicing Master Plan. The same robust consultation process that was established during the original Port Lands Acceleration Initiative is being utilized. This includes a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and Land Owners and Users Advisory (LUAC) providing input and guidance on the development of the Planning Framework at key points during the project, as well as consultation with the broader public.

Stakeholder Committee Meetings
Summaries of stakeholder committee meetings are available below.

Land Owners and Users Committee Meetings

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meetings

Community Consultation Meeting #1:

Community Consultation Meeting #2

Community Workshop - March 5, 2014

Port Lands Charrette - July 23rd and 24th, 2014

Port Lands Open House – November 14, 2015

The consultation materials from the Port Lands Open House are available below. View videos of the presentations, the presentation slides, display panels and the consultation summary report.

Port Lands Overview
Overview Presentation (Video)

Vision + Urban Structure
Vision + Urban Structure Presentation (Video)

Character + Place
Character + Place Presentation (Video)

Transportation + Servicing
Transportation + Servicing Presentation (Video)

Villiers Island Precinct Plan
Villiers Island Precinct Plan Presentation (Video)

November 2015 Open House and Workshops Consultation Report

Consultation Process Summary Report

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